Download BmsONE beta 0.2.1

If an error like ”MSVCP140.dll is missing” occurs, please install Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2015. (Please choose "x86" or "x64" matching the version of BmsONE.)

1. What is this

BmsONE is an editor for bmson files. Bmson is a new music game format derived from BMS. See 6. Links for more information about bmson.

This application currently supports v1.0 and v0.21 bmson, but some features cannot be edited yet.

2. How to Use

2.1 Caution

This software is under development, so the current version lacks some features and often goes wrong (particularly on Mac). Be sure to make backups and save files frequently.

Note that “Ctrl key” below means Command key (⌘) on Mac.

2.2 Adding Sound Channels

[Channel] -> [Add] and then select sound files. Wav and Ogg Vorbis are supported. Dragging and dropping sound files also works.

2.3 Locating Sound Notes

There are two modes, “Edit Mode” and “Write Mode”.

In order to locate sound notes, you first have to switch to “Write Mode” by clicking on the pencil icon in the tool bar. Next click on a BGM lane whose channel you want to edit. The selected channel is shown highlighted. Then Shift+Click on a (playing or BGM) lane to locate a new note which plays sound from beginning. You can locate a note which slices sound by just clicking on the lane. Right-clicking on an existing note will delete it.

Notice that waveforms are drawn in a BGM lane, which stand for the sound played at that time. Colors of waveforms tell you the sound is played by key notes or BGM notes.

In “Edit Mode”, you can select multiple objects by dragging around them. This behavior can be modified by Ctrl, Alt and Shift keys. For example, Alt+dragging selects notes only in the current sound channel. You can also move notes horizontally by dragging on them, or change their length by Shift+dragging.

You can play sounds in the current channel at that time while Alt+Right-clicking or Middle-clicking. (If you use Mac, Control(not ⌘)+Clicking works as Right-clicking.) Clicking on Master Lane previews the whole song. If you press Ctrl during a preview, then the screen will be scrolled following the playing position.

2.4 Other Features

In [Info] window, you can input basic information of the song. Initial BPM should be set before notes are located because it affects waveforms and preview sounds.

To edit bar lines, Ctrl+Click on measures bar, the leftmost lane of the sequence view, where measure numbers are displayed. Bar lines with gray numbers are temporary, that is, they are added automatically every four beats and can move or become permanent when another bar line is inserted or removed manually.

To edit BPM events, click on the lane next to measures bar. After placing or selecting a BPM event, a small tool bar to input BPM appears.

BGA data and most extra data cannot be edited, but they will not be lost by this application. Only extra data in BMSInfo can be edited by writing fragments of JSON directly as follows:

  "updated_at": "14:00 2015/11/14",
  "registered_with": "The Forgetalia"

A configuration file is stored in a directory such as:

[Windows] C:\Users\<USER>\AppData\Local\BmsONE
[Mac OS X] ~/Library/Preferences/BmsONE

If this application often crashes when scrolling Sequence View, please choose [View] - [Sound Channel Lane Display] - [Simple] so that drawing process becomes stable though waveforms are not displayed.

If you feel hard to edit objects in bmson with a number of channels, then try the following:

3. License

The author of this software is not liable for any damages caused by the software. Do not use this software for illegal purposes; for example, you must not create a bmson data which includes audio or graphical data illegally downloaded or extracted from music CDs or games. Redistribution of this software is permitted only if the whole archive of the software is provided for free and kept unchanged.

This software uses Qt under LGPL license. Dlls (for Windows), Frameworks and PlugIns (for Mac) come from Qt, so you can use the software while replacing them with those of other versions. See the next section for build information.

Contact me for questions.

4. Development Environment

[Windows] [Mac] [Common]

5. Contact


Source code repository:

Bug reports and proposals are welcome via Issues. Feel free to fork this repository to resolve problems and create pull requests.

6. Links

7. History

Sep 23 2017 beta 0.2.1 (Windows (32bit)Windows (64bit) Mac)

Feb 12 2017 beta 0.1.5 (Windows Mac)

Dec 25 2016 beta 0.1.4 (Windows Mac)

Dec 11 2016 beta 0.1.3 (Windows Mac)

Sep 6 2015 beta 0.1.2 (Windows Mac)

Nov 20 2015 beta 0.1.1 (Windows Mac)

Nov 14 2015 beta 0.1.0 (Windows Mac)

Nov 4 2015 alpha 0.0.6 (Windows Mac)

Oct 17 2015 alpha 0.0.5 (Windows Mac)

Sep 27 2015 alpha 0.0.4 (Windows Mac)

Sep 26 2015 alpha 0.0.3 (Windows Mac)

Sep 17 2015 alpha 0.0.2 (Windows Mac)

Sep 12 2015 alpha 0.0.1